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Madonna and Child with Saint Anne and the Angels, Masolino Da Panicale and Masaccio

Madonna and Child with Saint Anne and the Angels, Masolino Da Panicale and Masaccio

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Madonna and Child with Saint Anne and the Angels - Masolino Da Panicale and Masaccio. 175x103

In this work, done for the church of Sant'Ambrogio in Florence, the masolino brushes belong to the image of St. Anne and the angels, and Masaccio (Tommaso Di Giovanni Di Simone Kassai) - Madonna and Child and an angel in green with red robes.

The influence of medieval art can be seen here in the golden background, the curtain, the iconography of the whole scene - in front of Saint Anna sits Mary with the little Christ on her knees, and angels are placed on each side, placed one above the other. But this is already a Renaissance work, especially where the brush Masaccio worked, which was the first of those that can be attributed to the masters of the Renaissance. The figures painted by him are illuminated from the side and depicted with knowledge of the perspective studied by the artist. He focuses only on the main thing, therefore in the created images there is power, which soon manifested itself in the paintings made by the artist in Florentine churches. Masaccio did not live long, but managed to influence the entire Renaissance painting.

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