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Dinner at Emmaus, Jacopo Pontormo, 1525

Dinner at Emmaus, Jacopo Pontormo, 1525

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Dinner at Emmaus - Jacopo Pontormo. 230x173

In this picture, Jacopo Pontormo (1494-1557) depicts the moment described in the Gospel of Luke, when the risen Christ, who appeared to his two disciples on the road to Emmaus and was not recognized by them, agrees to share an evening meal with them: “And when He reclined with them then taking bread, blessed, broke and served them. Then their eyes opened, and they recognized Him ”(Luke 24:30).

The painter portrayed Christ as taller than the other participants in the scene, but he is on a par with the viewer, and the floor, table and characters sitting behind him are taken a little from above. From this, the entire composition is literally drawn to the figure of the Savior. Pontormo introduced into his work the features of the everyday genre, noticeable in the students' poses, in the way one of them pours wine and the second holds bread. But above the head of Christ, the all-seeing eye of God is depicted in a triangle surrounded by radiance and symbolizing the Trinity, and this returns the one who looks at the picture to its sublime plan.

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