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Leda and the Swan, Jacopo Tintoretto, 1555

Leda and the Swan, Jacopo Tintoretto, 1555

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Leda and the Swan - Jacopo Tintoretto. 162 x 218

This Venetian painter created large canvases in which the characters' poses and gestures are complex and expressive, and the light fights with darkness. In this case, Tintoretto turned to the ancient myth of how Zeus, or Jupiter among the Romans, captivated by the beauty of Leda, appeared to her in the form of a swan.

The plot was popular among Italian artists because of the ability to convey a shade of sensual love, portray the beautiful naked body of a woman, and finally bring special plasticity to the picture. At Tintoretto, a swan reaches for Leda, which itself resembles this elegant bird. According to legend, the action took place on the Evrot River, where Leda bathed, but the artist transferred the stage to the room of a wealthy Venetian house. The beauty is reclining on the bed, behind her is a velvet curtain that sets off the whiteness of the body and emphasizes its smoothness and tenderness. On the left is a maid who, not knowing what kind of swan is, is going to put him in a cage. The action of the handmaid, from which Leda closes her lover, enhances the moment of mystery present in the picture.

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