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Portrait of Captain Robert Orme, Joshua Reynolds, 1756

Portrait of Captain Robert Orme, Joshua Reynolds, 1756

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Portrait of Captain Robert Orme - Joshua Reynolds. 239 x 147 cm

Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) - painter, art theorist and first president of the Royal Academy of Arts.

Robert Orme in 1751, with the rank of lieutenant, he went to North America, where battles for domination in the colonies were fought between the British and French. During the trip to Fort Duchenne, the hero was an adjutant to General Braddock. In 1755, during one of the battles, he was wounded in the arm. This portrait was painted after these events.

Reynolds captured the strong-willed decisive officer of the British royal troops. Orm never demanded his portrait from the artist, and the painting remained in the studio, invariably causing delight of visitors. It has been noted more than once that this portrait is somewhat reminiscent of the portrait of Charles I by Van Dyck (circa 1635), stored in the Louvre in Paris. However, Reynolds’s image is more dramatic and sincere: everything here testifies to some decisive moment in the life of a young officer.

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