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“Allegory of Vision”, Jan Brueghel the Elder - description of the painting

“Allegory of Vision”, Jan Brueghel the Elder - description of the painting

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Allegory of Vision - Jan Brueghel the Elder (Velvet). 65x109

The Flemish painter and engraver Jan Brueghel belongs to the dynasty of artists, the founder of which was his father Peter Bruegel the Elder. The master was alien to narrow specialization, so he worked in almost all genres: he created still lifes, landscapes, battle scenes, mythological, allegorical and religious subjects, and also depicted art galleries and animals.

On the canvas "Allegory of Vision" captured beautiful virgins and two cupid babies surrounded by various objects designed to amuse and delight the eyesight. One of Cupids holds a mirror in front of a young woman, the other presents a bouquet to her friend. On the table in front of her are gems, astrolabes and a telescope at her feet, and a globe in the center of the room. The chandelier in the room is crowned with a double-headed eagle - the coat of arms of the Habsburg dynasty, a symbol of power over Flanders. Among the paintings surrounding the heroes, on the right side of the composition you can see the canvas, which depicts Jesus healing the blind.

Note that the central figures in the picture were performed by Peter Paul Rubens - an outstanding representative of the Flemish school of painting.

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