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Landscape in the dunes with shrubs, Jacob van Ruisdal

Landscape in the dunes with shrubs, Jacob van Ruisdal

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  • Author: Jacob van Reisdal
  • Museum: Old Pinakothek (Munich)
  • Year: The second third of the XVII century
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Description of the picture:

Landscape in the dunes with shrubs - Jacob van Ruisdal. 65x66

Jacob van Reisdal (1628 / 1629-1682) is the most famous Dutch landscape painter. The Dutch sought in their landscapes to realistically and truthfully show the peculiarities of their homeland, paid attention to atmospheric phenomena. Reysdahl's works were distinguished by a variety of subjects and surprising emotionality. The artist was able to convey the state of nature in the picture. His landscapes of Holland are filled with an epic feeling. The breath of nature is inseparable from human life; the master feels the drama of her diverse states, correlating it with the rich emotional life of a person.

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