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Madonna and Child with Saints (Altar Column), Raphael

Madonna and Child with Saints (Altar Column), Raphael

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Madonna and Child with Saints (Altar Column) - Rafael Santi. 172.4x172.4

The painting is an early work of Raphael, whose work is one of the peaks of the Italian Renaissance, and was originally located in the monastery of St. Anthony of Padua in Perugia. The image of the Madonna and Child with the upcoming saints was the central part of the altar, which in 1678 fell into the collection of the Dukes of Colonna in Rome. Hence the second name of the work - "Altar Column".

The altar was probably created at a time when Raphael was still in the workshop of his teacher Perugino. The influence of this artist and painting of the previous century. Quattrocento was also reflected in the iconography of the Madonna sitting on a throne under a canopy, and in the complex multi-figure composition of the “holy interview”, which unites around the Mother of God with the Baby of Saints Peter, Paul, Catherine, Lucia (or Cecilia) and little John the Baptist. But the work already shows a desire to give grandeur to the figures and at the same time endow them with a general harmonious mood, fill their faces, gestures and poses with unearthly calm. All this, brought to perfection, will become a feature of Raphael's painting and more broadly - High Renaissance. AND Madonna and Child with Christ and Little John the Baptist - one of the artist’s favorite topics.

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