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Soap bubbles, Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin, 1734

Soap bubbles, Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin, 1734

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Soap bubbles - Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin. 61x63

Charden all his life he painted still lifes and unpretentious everyday scenes, but how much new they revealed to the viewer in the world around them! In the picture presented, a young man blows a soap bubble through a straw, wanting to entertain the child, but he was so immersed in this activity that his face acquired a concentrated expression, and his fingers clinging to the windowsill turned white.

Soap bubble in the picture, a fragile rainbow miracle, from which nothing is about to remain, reminds us that life is beautiful in every moment and these seconds are irrevocable. Chardin did not seek to express some lofty idea in his painting, the theme of his work was the poetry of reality, which, as far as one can judge from the artist’s works, turns out to be more attractive than other inventions.

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