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Spring landscape, Henri Rousseau

Spring landscape, Henri Rousseau

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Spring landscape - Henri Russo. 54.6x45.7

After serving for many years at customs, after forty years, Henri Russo (1844-1910) finally decided to devote himself entirely to painting and as a result became one of the most famous primitivists. His paintings were born out of a self-taught desire to express their children's world view in serious art and differed from the canvases of professional artists who tried to create something “naive”.

In the painting "Spring Landscape" huge trees rise up and weave branches, and figures of people in comparison with these giants seem tiny. This combination of small and huge, like the pattern of branches, gives the painting a decorative effect inherent in the painting of Rousseau, who perfectly felt the rhythm, line and color. The artist perceived man as part of nature, which, like many masters of the brush, deified. Even portraying real places, Rousseau created on his canvases a special world that was supposed to serve as a refuge for modern man and distract him from the speed of the century.

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