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“Ruins of the Oybin Monastery (Dreamer)”, Caspar David Friedrich - description of the painting

“Ruins of the Oybin Monastery (Dreamer)”, Caspar David Friedrich - description of the painting

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The ruins of the Oybin monastery (Dreamer) - Caspar David Friedrich. 27 x 21

The great German artist Caspar David Friedrich is one of the best representatives of the romantic direction in painting. In his paintings, he touched on the problem of the tragic loneliness and abandonment of man in the vast world. The artist continues this theme in chamber canvas "Dreamer".

His pensive hero, sitting on the base of the window of a Gothic ruin, once a beautiful cathedral, is immersed in himself, he is overcome by thoughts about the past and present, about the mysterious future of his fate. The nameless dreamer is a kind of double of the viewer, whom Frederick suggests mentally taking his place. For the painter, nature is sacred, which he understands as the bearer of deep religious experiences, in his paintings it acquires a symbolic meaning, through it he reflects his deep emotional experiences. Unrecognized during his lifetime, he influenced the movement of the English Pre-Raphaelites. Glory came to Frederick at the end of the 19th century with the rise of symbolism.

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