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The Thrush Family, Louis Lenin

The Thrush Family, Louis Lenin

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The thrush family is Louis Lenin. 51x59

Lenin is the surname of a family of realist artists of the 17th century. Louis Lenin (circa 1593-1648) was the eldest and most gifted of the three brothers, who in their work were interested in the life and work of the common man surrounding his world. At the beginning of the XVII century, in France, the image of peasants was considered low-lying for the artist, contemporaries avoided subjects related to their everyday life.

The painting "Family thrush" shows a peasant family heading to the market. At the top of the hill, a father, mother and two children gathered, a humble pack donkey and a curled up dog act as equal members of the family. The figure of the thrush attracts attention - a middle-aged peasant woman dressed in rough clothes with a tired, sad face. The images are illuminated by inner dignity; these people fulfill their life duty with honor. In the exquisite silver-gray color scheme, the hills and fields of Northern France are captured, its dry air is conveyed. Soft light illuminates the harsh faces and strong bodies of the peasants, their sophisticated utensils.

The presented work is a manifesto of a new humane perception of life. The artist does not glorify an abstract hero or deity, but a living working man. The Art of Lenin found no followers in the XVII century, only two centuries later in France, interest in the common man revived.

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