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“Mistress and maid”, Peter de Hoch - description of the painting

“Mistress and maid”, Peter de Hoch - description of the painting

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The mistress and servant is Peter de Hoch. 53x42

Peter de Hoch is one of the prominent representatives of the Delft School of Painting, whose traditional theme was the interior. "Mistress and maid - An example of the Dutch genre, in which all the advantages of the Delft school are concentrated. De Hoch wrote with special love all the details of the interior: every brick, neat masonry of priest tiles, wooden balustrade and flowerpot with carnations.

The painting praises a calm life in a quiet, slightly enclosed little world of a strong and tidy house. The hostess is right there, she is in a modest suit, needlework lying on her knees hints at her hard work. Hoch found and emphasized beauty in everyday objects - a bucket polished to a shine in the hands of a handmaid, a transparent, almost lacy wicker basket that literally burns in the light. The characters of the canvas naturally and comfortably feel among the Dutch inhabitants, they exist in an atmosphere of quiet harmony.

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