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Place de la Concorde (Viscount Lepic with his daughters, passing Place de la Concorde)

Place de la Concorde (Viscount Lepic with his daughters, passing Place de la Concorde)

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Place de la Concorde (Viscount Lepic with his daughters, passing Place de la Concorde) - Edgar Degas. 78.4x117.5

One of the most famous French impressionist artists, Edgar Degas, like his colleagues, was fascinated by the diversity and mobility of urban life. He sought to capture modern Paris to him in ever-changing forms and aspects. In many works of the painter, the composition has a dynamic fragmentary motion picture frame, it is characterized by unexpected angles, combinations that seem random with accurate calculation.

Painting "Place de la Concorde" was transported to Russia after World War II from a Berlin private collection. On the one hand, this is a portrait, and on the other, a genre sketch typical of the impressionists from the life of the city. The protagonist is the aristocrat Louis Lepic, an artist and engraver, an avid theatergoer, a great dog lover and close friend of Degas.

The master depicted him along with two daughters and a hound. Characters cross the Place de la Concorde in Paris, behind the fence, in the background, the Tuileries Gardens are visible. The artist provocatively showed the multidirectional movements of the father and daughters, as if they were not a family, but passers-by who accidentally appeared nearby. In this construction, Degas's innovation is manifested: he could write a movement, and he did not need model posing. The master caught an unusual angle, the picture was painted with quick and wide strokes. The amazing combination of an almost photographically accurate depiction of the moment and the picturesque embodiment of the movement creates an image of eternity behind the moment.

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