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“A ship among the stormy sea”, Aivazovsky - description of the painting

“A ship among the stormy sea”, Aivazovsky - description of the painting

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The ship among the stormy sea - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 97x62.5

Illustrious marine painter and battle painter Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovski (1817-1900), Armenian by origin (Ayvazyan), worked most of his life in Russia. His creative heritage is huge, and the popularity of his works is only growing. In his seascapes, the painter was able to recreate the majestic paintings of the ships' struggle with the elements, formidable battles, the charm of calm and poetic night sea views.

In the picture “A Ship Among the Stormy Sea” clearly read the romantic nature of the work. The past storm caused irreparable damage to the ship, its ropes messed up and hung limp among the masts. The ship creaks and moans, still keeps afloat, but cruel waves will gradually break the resistance and drag him to the bottom. An orphaned ship in a hurry leaves the people sitting in the boat, desperately rowing towards the shore. The stormy sky did not completely disappear, the rays of the sun gleam a bit, illuminating the cold and foaming surface of the sea. The viewer sees through the vast expanses of blue waves the wreckage of dead ships. With every stroke of the master, the canvas becomes more and more dramatic.

Aivazovsky is a true artist, in love with nature and the endless sea.

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