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Still life with flowers, N. N. Sapunov, 1912

Still life with flowers, N. N. Sapunov, 1912

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Still life with flowers - Nikolai Nikolaevich Sapunov. 104x84.5

Nikolai Nikolaevich Sapunov (1880-1912) - representative of the art association "Blue Rose". Flowers, frequent heroes of the artist’s canvases, are part of nature that inspired his picturesque temperament, nourished by a sensual and inspired love of color.

The favorite genre of still life has acquired a symbolic meaning in the artist's work. In "Still Life with Flowers" captured the frozen world of things, as if living by their own laws. Paper flowers, the coldness and alienation of porcelain with painted ornaments, the toxicity of a bright blue background - everything in the work seems to compete with nature and natural harmony. Still life, located on the table, as if frozen outside of time and space, it has no fulcrum. Double peace and beauty soaring over vanity and reality, which is hardly real and is ready to disappear at any moment, to decay, - this reflected one of the tenets of the philosophy of symbolism.

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