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Picture Hunting Diana, Domenichino

Picture Hunting Diana, Domenichino

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Diana's Hunt - Domenicino (Domenico Zampieri). 225x320

A pupil of the Bologna school of painting, Domenichino (1581-1641) in his work turned to the heritage of Renaissance artists. And if they perceived antiquity as something alive, then academics - as the last “processing” by Renaissance masters. Hence the presence in the works of Domenichino on mythological subjects of a game beginning, which in this case corresponds to the plot of the picture “Diana's Hunt”. The canvas was commissioned by the painter Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini for a villa in Frascati.

The artist depicted a competition of nymphs in the accuracy of shooting, similar to what was described in the "Aeneid" of the ancient Roman poet Virgil. One arrow was supposed to be noriacib into a tree, the second into a ribbon, and the third into a flying bird. Diana, demonstrating her skills, does not hide her joy, shaking her bow and quiver in the air, and the nymph on the left peers at the target, pulling the bowstring. Another nymph, in the center, holds back a greyhound, ready to rush at someone hiding behind lush bushes. So in the picture there is a motive of the myth of Actaeon, who saw a bathing naked Diana, which angered her: she turned the hunter into a deer, and his own dogs tore it up. But Domenichino has only a hint of myth and its dramatic conflict, so the atmosphere of the canvas remains light.

The playful spirit that prevails in the work is best expressed by two young nymphs in the foreground, sitting in a stream. One of them, which has already entered the time of bodily flowering, looks at the viewer innocently as a child, the second points out into the distance with childish surprise. These two girls' figures connect the viewer with what is happening on the canvas.

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