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View of Toledo, El Greco, circa 1600

View of Toledo, El Greco, circa 1600

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View of Toledo - El Greco. 121.3x108.6

Born in Crete, who studied and knew the first glory in Italy, and settled in Spain, this painter did not belong entirely to any of the artistic traditions and schools. The action in his paintings always takes place in a kind of fantastic space, so the landscape in the artist’s painting, even in the form of a background, is rare. But Toledo, who became a family for El Greco (1541-1614), he painted more than once.

On canvas "View of Toledo" guess the Tagus River, the Cathedral and the Alcazar Fortress, but this is not a very real city. The depicted seems to be a vision, a dream, it is so charged with unprecedented energy. A drama unfolds on the canvas, the protagonists of which are the sky, where clouds illuminated by flashes of lightning fly and soar, and the earth with not only spots of light and shadows from the clouds running through it, but also with some kind of “nervous convulsions”. People do not participate in the drama, and it is impossible to imagine them in this landscape: here the elements collide, there is a battle in which there is no place for man. He can only look at this lightning-lit city on a high hill and pray.

As a guest in Spain, El Greco, almost better than many artists born here, felt a passionate and religious Spanish soul that lives and breathes on his canvases.

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