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Biography of Jerome Bosch, a list of paintings

Biography of Jerome Bosch, a list of paintings

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Hieronymus Bosch is called the “father of surrealism,” and his paintings still amaze art connoisseurs with their bizarre images.

Bosch - This is a nickname, and the name was truly artist Jeroen van Aken. Born in 1450 in a family of artists in the city of Hertogenbosch. Although Bosch’s father and his grandfather were good artists, his first teacher was D. Bouts, a Dutch artist who visited the city of Hertogenbosch, and even sometimes lived for a long time.

Bosch's work began with the painting of parts of various altars, chapels. One of the first outstanding works of Jerome Bosch was the painting of the wings of the altar in the Cathedral of St. John. It should be noted that this work was very liked by Philip the Beautiful, who later became king of Castile.

Bosch was a cheerful and sociable person, but Oroshort traveled very rarely outside his village and not far from where he settled after his marriage.

Pictures of Jerome Bosch still remain a mystery to art critics. About 40 paintings were recorded on his account. Perhaps there were more, but the artist never signed his work.

In addition to drawing, Bosch was engaged in the manufacture of prints, was a good blacksmith. Once he made a huge painting on glass in the church, and also made an excellent metal frame.

Bosch's paintings hung in many royal courts, and were admired by his contemporaries. Bosch's life ended on August 9, 1516, in the city where he was born.

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