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Biography and paintings by Antonio Canaletto

Biography and paintings by Antonio Canaletto

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Giovanni Antonio Canaletto is a great Italian artist, unfortunately, little is known about his biography.

Antonio Canal was born in 1697 on October 28 in the artist's family, and his pictorial path was already predetermined. Nickname Canaletto (i.e. diminutive from channel) The future artist received in childhood. Until 1720, nothing was known about Canaletto's life. It was this year that he appeared on the list of the city guild of painters and sculptors. His talent no longer caused any doubt, despite the fact that he was very young.

Among Canaletto and many other Italian artists over time, a struggle broke out on the basis of the sale of paintings. Even Canaletto's friend Owen Maxuini quarreled about this. It was Maxuini who advised writing the Canaletto Vedut (species) of Venice. The Vedas were in great demand among aristocrats. Canaletto even had regular customers. And Joseph Smith was also a friend of Canaletto, who rendered an invaluable service to the painter. He asked Canaletto to make 12 small copies of the Grand Canal, and sent it to England. After this incident, orders for paintings by Antonio Canaletto increased significantly.

Such a demand for paintings has spawned many fakes of Canaletto paintings. In addition, the war began, and the population of Venice was many times reduced. And the artist’s paintings lost some freshness, apparently, he was just tired (about the 1730s). But Canaletto's friend, Smith, made him work.

In 1746, Antonio Canal went to London, where he was well known and loved. Immediately followed by an order for a view of London, which was timed to coincide with the opening of Westminster Bridge. Then orders for other paintings followed.

The paintings in London were good, but still inferior to the Italian Vedut. In London, Canaletto spent about 9 years. Returning to his homeland, the artist experienced financial problems, and lost his former self-confidence.

In 1763, the Venetian Academy was created, in which Canaletto was elected a member. Upon entering the Academy, it was necessary to draw a picture that Antonio painted only two years later. It was a Capriccio with a Colonnade.

Canaletto died in 1768. They buried him with honors.

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