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German Museum in Munich, Germany

German Museum in Munich, Germany

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German Museumlocated in Munich is the largest polytechnic museum in the world. The German Museum is very popular among tourists, it is visited by about a million people every year.

Oscar von Miller, German engineer, founder of the museum. In 1906, the German Museum was already operational, and presented its first exhibition. And the date of the official opening is 1903. This museum occupies the entire territory of the island, which was called the museum island. It has a library and congress buildings.

During the Second World War, there was no trace of the German Museumbut it was quickly restored, in about 3 years. The German Museum received its second birth in 1948, and in addition it became much larger. The museum has a branch in Bonn, in which you can observe the development of science in Germany in the post-war period.

The area of ​​the museum is about 55 thousand square meters. meters. It presents all the achievements of mankind in the field of science and technology. In one day, you are unlikely to get around all the halls of the German museum - it's about 20 km (more only in the Hermitage).

The museum has many pavilions: physics, chemistry, as well as a pavilion that tells about the construction of a nuclear power plant. In the museum you can take a look at old steam locomotives, go down to a submarine, look at a coal mine in real terms.

One of the features German Museum it is (by the way, tourists like it a lot) that all exhibits can be touched, pulled, sits in them. Visitors get great pleasure from the time spent, understand how this or that device works.

By the way, the island itself, on which the museum is located, is also a tourist attraction. Previously, it was constantly flooded, but when the dam was built, various structures began to appear on the island, and in 1903 the building of the German Museum appeared.

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