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In the village of Semibratovo opened a museum of buckwheat

In the village of Semibratovo opened a museum of buckwheat

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In the village of Semibratovo, which is located in the Yaroslavl region recently opened a museum of buckwheat. Many probably already wondered, but what is bucks? And is the Russian expression somehow connected with beating bucks with a museum in Semibratovo?

Let's begin with Baklusha is a wooden spoon. It was the production of the craft business that Russia was famous for a long time. According to legend, seven brothers lived in the village of Semibratovo, who founded the craft business.

Ancient Russian expression beat the buck, which means doing nonsense or not doing anything useful, has gone a long way, when a person picked up buckwheels (spoons) and tapped them on the palm of his hand, he was told Don’t beat the buckwheels - that’s the origin of this expression. By the way, in the old days, belt brushes were also called buckles.

In the Museum of Baklushi in Semibratovo You will be greeted warmly and cheerfully. In addition to this museum, it is planned to open a jam museum in which visitors can learn about old recipes for its preparation, and even can try it.

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