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Catherine Palace - its halls and rooms, Russia, Pushkin

Catherine Palace - its halls and rooms, Russia, Pushkin

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Catherine Palace - A wonderful architectural and artistic monument of Russian culture of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Rastrelli designed the facades and created a magnificent decoration of the palace interiors. Completed the construction of the palace B. Rastrelli. Over fifty halls, designed according to his designs in 1752-1756, were baroque, amazed by the variety of finishes, the abundance of gilded carvings, the splendor of decor.

In the second half of the XVIII century in the northern and southern parts of the palace appeared the unique interiors of the fine master of the classical style of C. Cameron. In the 19th century, architects V.P. Stasov and I.A. Monighetti remade a number of interiors in the spirit of their time.

After the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the palace was nationalized and turned into a museum.

The palace was badly damaged during the Great Patriotic War. Many artistic treasures and documentary materials from the Catherine Palace were evacuated in a timely manner, which helped later in the reconstruction of the monument.

Since 1957, the Catherine Palace began to be restored as a historical and artistic monument. The main architect of the project for the restoration of all the buildings of the complex of the Catherine Palace and Park is A. Kedrinsky.

The revival of each interior requires a lot of work to collect and study archival documents, genuine historical materials. Great skill and talent marked the activities of restorers. They had to collect broken parts in parts, glue together fragments of marble, glass and earthenware, recreate picturesque shades, paint silk, and collect art flooring. The works of carvers A.K. Kochuev, A. Vinogradov, Yu. M. Kozlov, sculptors L. Shvetskaya, G.L. Mikhailova, E. Maslennikova, parquet E. Kudryashov and others are now difficult to distinguish from the works of famous craftsmen of the 18th century who created palace.

A whole era in the development of Russian interior is shown today to visitors to the Catherine Palace. 18 halls restored. Among them are the magnificent interiors of the Baroque style of the 18th century (architect B. Rastrelli) - Cavalry Dining Room, Picture Hall and the famous Great Hall, whose area is almost 1000 square meters.

Restored nine residential chambers of the heir to Catherine II - Paul. The decoration of these classic interiors was done at the end of the 18th century by the architect C. Cameron.

The front office of Alexander I, the Vaulted Hall and the Oval Front, decorated by V. Stasov in the 1820s, introduces the art of late classicism style.

In addition to the restored halls, visitors can view the exhibitions located in the premises not yet restored. The expositions tell about the history of the creation of the palace and park ensemble, about the scientific principles of its restoration.

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