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"Banquet officers of the company St. Adriana ”, Frans Hals - description of the painting

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Banquet officers of the company of St. 183 x 266.5 cm

"Banquet officers of the company St. Adriana ». This transparent, flickering medium, penetrating all corners, gives rise to the finest pictorial beauty of the picture. She gives her a rare convincing life. Standing in front of the picture, the viewer enjoys at the same time both naturalness and the special, as if independent, independent of our everyday associations beauty of the radiance that fills it. Black suits, white foam of collars and cuffs, bright strips of scarves and banners stand out brightly in this radiance.

The composition of the picture is very unusual. In the foreground, Hals is planting two captains sideways to the viewer and with his back to each other; in the gap lined with their scarves, a third company captain is seen sitting on the opposite side of the table in front of a shrimp dish. Groups of seated and standing shooters are crowded from these figures on both sides, while the center occupied by the laid table is lightened, the figures are free, but “filled” with light and air.

The problem of conveying the atmosphere in the interior subsequently occupied many Dutch painters (recall Sanredam, Vermeer, Peter de Hooch). Hals solves this problem more intuitively than later masters, who rationally accurately distribute effects, skillfully calculate the intensity of light in one or another room. He is enthusiastic and joyfully excited by the most tender beauty of the scattered daylight that has revealed to him.

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