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The Annunciation, Fra Angelico

The Annunciation, Fra Angelico

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The Annunciation - Fra Angelico. C. 1435-1445

By architectural design, this is a picturesque panel (approx. Angel in a bright outfit humbly bowed his head, greeting the Virgin, whose blue robe symbolizes the heavenly role that fell to her. A sense of harmony is created from the symmetrically crossed arms of the Virgin and the archangel Gabriel, despite the separating angel and the Virgin of the Column.On the left of the canvas, another angel observes the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden after their fall - the incarnation of God in Christ is designed to atone for this sin.The theme of Mary as the second Eve, gaining what she lost, was very common in medieval painting. The swallow acts as the messenger of spring and new life.

ANNUNCIATION. Usually, Mary is portrayed as sitting or kneeling, usually with a lily - a symbol of purity, immersed in her thoughts or reading a holy book, the Old Testament, with the prophecy: "All the Virgin will receive and bear the Son in the womb." Sometimes you can see God's right hand sending a ray of light, and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.

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