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Museum Correr - description and location on the map. Museum Address Correr

Museum Correr - description and location on the map. Museum Address Correr

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One of the most famous museums in Venice is Correr Museum. He presented Venice with his huge collection of arts and crafts and paintings. Correr Museum was founded in 1830 and still has not lost its relevance. Tourists from different cities of Europe come here to enjoy unique works of art.

The museum consists of three thematic collections.
1.Historical Museum - A collection of historical views of Venice, various documents, as well as magnificent Vedutas performed by masters of the Canaletto school. Here you can find unique coins, weapons, seals, and everything related to the historical development of Venice.

2.Picture gallery. Italian art lovers will love the Correr Museum art gallery. There are a lot of beautiful and famous paintings, the most famous of which is the paintings of Vittore Carpaccio - “Two Venetians”.

3.Risorgimento Museum. We can say that this is a museum in the museum, since here you can see a huge number of exhibits telling about the emergence of the Republic of Venice, before its fall and unification with Italy. It presents costumes and prints, historical paintings and much more.

Opening hours: every day from 9 00 to 17 00

Ticket price: 13 euros

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