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“The car of the third class”, Honore Daumier - description of the painting

“The car of the third class”, Honore Daumier - description of the painting

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The car of the third class - Honore Daumier. 65,4x90,2

Honore Daumier, a graphic artist, painter and sculptor of a realistic direction, was loved by the public for his sharp cartoons printed by satirical newspapers of the 19th century. Through vivid merciless denunciations, he revealed the needs of the masses and the middle layers of the urban population of the era of the great industrial revolution. Around 1839, the artist turned to work on compositions depicting people in transport. His preferences were given to the phenomenon of that era - the railway, with its diverse crowd swaying in time with the movement of a packed carriage.

On this canvas, Domier with his brilliant immediacy distinguishes critic third class carfilled with people barely lit by the light from the windows. The emaciated faces of the characters reflect a resigned submission to the difficulties of everyday life. The woman in the foreground feeds the baby, and the boy, broken by fatigue, sitting next to the old woman, forgot to sleep. It seems that the shadow of a smile - the only one in the picture - ran down his face, which the artist writes with special attention, perhaps to show the unarmed naivety of the world of children in the face of suffering and beggarly life.

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