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Pilgrimage to the island of Kiefer, Antoine Watteau, 1717

Pilgrimage to the island of Kiefer, Antoine Watteau, 1717

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Pilgrimage to the island of Kiefer - Jean Antoine Watteau. 1717

Kiefera - a paradise island where love reigns. Seduction scenes are, as it were, given in development, from simple courtship (the gentleman on the right) to humility and tacit consent (the pair on the left). Here, and spicy poses, and simulated sensuality, and intimate playful grace. Here is the gentleman on the right, who is still flirting with the girl, while Cupid is warningly pulling her skirt; another gentleman helps the lady to her feet, and his friend is already pulling the lady along, while she hesitates. To the left, next to a gilded boat with rowers ready to set sail, women - who are beautiful, gentle and naively slutty - encourage men. Watteau's style met the laws of gallant-pastoral painting, singing the ghostly world of happiness and eternal love. At the same time, the lovely paintings hint at the transience of life, the ephemerality of earthly happiness.

PASTORAL. Images of the so-called "gallant festivals" were very popular in France of the XVIII century. Magnificent dressed couples dance, play musical instruments, chat or indulge in fun; the scenes are dominated by an atmosphere of eternal pleasure and exquisite longing.

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