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Portrait of a Merchant from the Vedig Family, Hans Holbein the Younger, 1532

Portrait of a Merchant from the Vedig Family, Hans Holbein the Younger, 1532

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Portrait of a merchant from the Vedig family - Hans Holbein the Younger. 42,2х32,4

The coat of arms on the ring, worn on the finger of a young man, made it possible to determine what is depicted in the portrait family member Vedig from Cologne. More precisely, in front of us, most likely, twenty-nine-year-old Herman Vedig III, merchant and representative of the Hanseatic Leagueenjoying special trade privileges in London. Arriving in England, Holbein (Holbein) found many customers among German merchants who settled in the London quarter of Stillard.

The figure of a man dressed in black stands out against an azure background. A face turned three quarters to the viewer, and the angle of the right hand form a compositional pyramid that brings a sense of static harmony to the portrait. The image exudes wise calm and spiritual adherence, emphasized by the strict style of clothing. Between the pages of the book, shown in the foreground, a sheet is inserted on which words are read Veritas odiu [m] parit ("Truth breeds hatred.") Skillful mastery of color, accurate drawing, realism and masterful distribution of volumes, combined with the psychological richness of the image, put Holbein on a par with the outstanding portrait painters of the European Renaissance.

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