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Our Lady of Glory, Gertgen Toth Sint Jans

Our Lady of Glory, Gertgen Toth Sint Jans

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Our Lady of Glory - Gertgen. C. 1490-1495

Shrouded in hard folds of a dark lilac-red cloak, Maria crouched over a crescent moon hanging in the sky - a symbol of her purity. She tramples on the devil - the black dragonperched on a crescent. Around in multi-colored radiance, one can see the lungs, now melting in a dazzling halo, then little angels disappearing in the darkness. Some of them hold the instruments of Christ's future sufferings: a cross, nails, a crown of thorns, others play various musical instruments. There is a harp, a lute, a viola and a champ, pipes and a horn, bells and a drum. A funny, very mobile baby in Maria’s arms also joins this concert, shaking two rattles in the guide of the bells with enthusiasm. Voiced, tender and slightly unstable children's music pours from the picture. The charm of naivety is combined here with the refined skill of the artist, with bold experiments in the transmission of lighting.

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