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"St. George", Rafael Santi - description of the painting

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St. George - Raphael Santi. 28.5x21.5

At the time of this painting, Raphael was a little over twenty years old, but by this time he was already considered one of the most famous masters in Italy. In his "St. George" there is nothing dramatic. The image of a Christian warrior is turned into a beautiful fairytale knight “without fear and reproach”, an ideal personification of courage and nobility. The light figure of a man on a warhorse, the dreamy image of a praying princess - all this on the painter’s canvas is imbued with fairy tale poetry and magic.

Even the dragon itself is more funny than scary. Although the scene is dynamic, it is characterized by compositional poise and the sense of harmony that Raphael has always sought. The lyrical subtlety of the landscape motif with fragile trees and hills of rounded shape, covered with light, delicate greenery, indicates an early period of the artist's work. It is known that Rafael carefully worked out even the most uncomplicated pictorial compositions in numerous preparatory drawings.

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