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Evening landscape with a cart, Rubens

Evening landscape with a cart, Rubens

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Evening landscape with a cart - Rubens. 1630-1640

The last decade of Rubens’s life includes a small "Evening landscape with a cart". In terms of motive, it is as simple and realistic as the landscapes of Dutch painters painted in the same years, led by van Goyen, but the clearer the deep difference between Rubens and these artists in their approach to their creative tasks.

The Dutch reveal the modest, inconspicuous beauty inherent in nature in its usual, I want to say "everyday" state. Rubens depicts a clear forest on the banks of a stream when the trees are illuminated by the golden pink rays of the setting sun. Their magnificent, but light, sometimes transparent crowns, strong and slender trunks are shrouded in this radiance, like a fantastically beautiful outfit. Of course, the artist’s fantasy is based on memories of what he saw in life itself, on impressions of real nature. But Rubens, however, is not limited to them. He enhances many times the poetic charm of what he saw, raising him into the world of art. The animator Rubens is unfamiliar with the "discord of dreams and reality." For him, the dream is real, and the reality is fabulously beautiful. His works such as this landscape are the best confirmation of this.

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