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“Woman Weighing Pearls”, Jan Vermeer - description of the painting

“Woman Weighing Pearls”, Jan Vermeer - description of the painting

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Woman weighing pearls - Jan Vermeer Delft. 39.7x35.5

The Dutchman Vermeer is one of the most mysterious painters in the history of European art, mentioned only three times in his lifetime documents. About 40 paintings are attributed to him, most of which he did not sell or preferred to keep. Vermeer was a "master of silence", he could catch and capture the moment when all actions were suspended.

This canvas is an allegory of equilibrium. The heroine is full of inner peace and concentration. Caution, so as not to upset the balance, she holds the scales in her right hand and leans on the table top with her left. The image of The Last Judgment in the picture behind the model is hardly distinguishable. This apocalyptic scene echoes the actions of a woman. At the Last Judgment, Christ will separate good from evil, the righteous from sinners, and all earthly values ​​will seem insignificant. A woman weighs her wealth, and Christ weighs human souls. It was incredibly difficult to achieve the symmetry and poise of the composition, the consistency of details and tone relationships - it is understandable why Vermeer worked on each painting for so long and hard. His creations were valued not so much for the content as for the form. He was able to depict objects as they exist in life, as a person sees them, not focusing his eyes on something specific, but perceiving them as a whole.

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