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Gust of Wind, 1873-1876, Winslow Homer

Gust of Wind, 1873-1876, Winslow Homer

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A gust of wind - Winslow Homer. 61,5x97

The main achievements of American art of the second half of the XIX century are largely associated with the name of the artist Winslow Homer, who along with Thomas Eakinson was a leading representative of realistic painting. In his youth, Homer studied lithography, worked as an illustrator. The first significant works - hand-drawn reports from the fronts of the Civil War - he published in the New York magazine "Harpers Weekly". The format of the publication required clear, concise, but at the same time effective drawings. An element of illustrativeness and graphicness can be found in the painting of the author.

Despite the limited expressive means, Homer in his works perfectly conveyed the mood. The picture reflects the childhood atmosphere of happiness, a fresh summer day. Due to the strong wind, the boat tipped to one side. The fisherman and three boys try to restore balance by reseeding on one side of the boat. The plot evokes dreams of swimming, adventures and distant uncharted lands, but at the same time it is a fishing boat and people looking somewhere into the distance convey a feeling of loneliness of a person in a vast sea. The artist depicted real scenes with such liveliness and power that the viewer viewing the canvases was imbued with their mood.

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