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Memorial Museum "Prison on Lontsky", Lviv, Ukraine

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Perhaps one of the most unusual museums in Ukraine is memorial museum Prison on Lontskybecause this museum used to be a real prison, which contained a large number of prisoners. According to the museum staff, this is why it is worth visiting Lviv.
Let's look at the history of this interesting place ...

History of the Museum-Memorial “Prison on Lontsky”

The construction of the museum began in 1989. True, then it was not yet a prison, and the architect Yu. K. Yanovsky was conceived as a section of the building of the Austro-Hungarian gendarmerie. The building was built in the neo-Renaissance style. And to complete the picture, we add that in those days Lviv still belonged to Poland.

The 4th police department was located in the prison building itself, the duties of which included the fight against representatives of anti-state organizations, their presence and placement in custody. Later, in 1935 the investigative department was transferred there, and the prison itself became a pre-trial detention center for all kinds of prisoners. So already in 1936 in this SIZO there were defendants in the well-known case of the Lviv Process.

After the history of the museum, the dates from 1939 to 1941 are a bright red spot. After all, during the first Russian occupation, this place became Prison No. 1. And next to the main building of the prison was the building of the regional NKVD, whose employees, during the attack of the Third Reich in June 1941, shot all prisoners - about 1,000 people.

After, a small but important point is the German occupation. So from 1941 to 1944 the building was used to accommodate the Gestapo. And one of the remarkable features of that time was the prison yard. He was laid out from tombstones from a Jewish cemetery.
Well, the last round in the history of development, before the prison became a museum, is considered the period from 1944 to 2009. Alternately, the prison was the pre-trial detention center of the NKVD, the KGB. And since 1991, he was replaced by the remand center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Prison becomes a museum

Since 2009, the prison building has officially become a museum. At the moment, the museum-memorial "Prison on Lontsky" has many exhibits that fully reflect all periods of the history of this building. So the museum staff completely recreated the life of prisoners of that time, and the museum’s pride is the “oral history” exposition, which is the memory of prisoners.

At the end of the article I would like to say that people who visited this museum for a long time remain impressed, and this place is one of the reasons why tourists go to Lviv. Those who love our site and read articles here could not replace the similarity Museum-Memorial “Prisons on Lontsky” and the Crosses Museum in St. Petersburg.

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