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The painting "Ball at the Moulins de la Galette", Renoir, 1876

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Ball at the Moulins de la Galette - Renoir. 131x175

The painting "Ball at the Moulins de la Galette" (1876) - one of Renoir's most famous works - is a genre scene written in an open air. Moulin de la Galette - an inexpensive squash in Montmartre, where students and working youth of Paris gathered. A spacious open-air dance hall adjoined to it, where dance evenings were often held.

In the picture of Renoir, the ball is in full swing, he has already burst out on this site in front of the courtyard. And how could it be otherwise when the summer weather is beautiful? Everything is moving in the picture: some are talking animatedly, others are dancing enthusiastically. Sun glare walks around the festive crowd, coloring it with a variety of light shades. The colorful palette of the painting, like many others, is made up of free strokes, which the artist puts on the canvas separately, one after another. "Ball" is a hymn of youth and joy, "sung" by the artist in the language of colors.

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