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The painting "Sisters", Berthe Morisot, 1869

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Sisters - Berthe Morisot. 52.1x81.3

Berthe Morisot - A brilliant French artist, favorably received by the Impressionists and included in their circle. But unlike her colleagues, Morisot never tried to capture the noisy and hectic world of Parisian streets, cafes, and theater, and she was not interested in the image of nudity. The main topics of creativity were family portraits, motherhood and home comfort, walks in nature, a flowering garden.

Painting "Sisters" written in 1869. The artist painted on canvas two sisters who were dressed in the fashion of those years: light dresses, velvet ribbons on both necks. Morisot, the background of the picture depicted a sofa, gray-pink tones that are striking.

This work embodies the breath of life and youth. The artist did not seek to convey some characteristic of the portrayed, but rather the opposite. In general, all the paintings of Berthe Morisot are light and light, causing a feeling of beauty and harmony.

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