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Lviv Museum of Brewing, Ukraine

Lviv Museum of Brewing, Ukraine

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Another of the wonderful museums in the city of Lviv is brewing museum. Let's take a closer look Lviv Museum of Brewing.

A few words about the history of the museum

The official opening date of the Lviv City Brewery Museum is October 14, 2005. The opening was timed to the 290th anniversary of the oldest brewery in Ukraine. Initially, the museum’s exposition was more of the history of Lvivske beer, but since it was the first brewing museum in all of Ukraine, the exhibits began to include other types of beer. The museum building itself was built in the 19th century and is located on the territory of the brewery.

About the exposition of the brewing museum

The museum exposition is quite diverse and fully serves to immerse the visitor in the history of brewing. Firstly, it has all the tools that brewers have ever used to make this wonderful drink. Caring guides will be able to fully immerse you in the kingdom of malt and hops. Secondly, there are so many different collections of everything that was used or was somehow related to beer. For example, the museum has a huge collection of beer bottles of the most ancient times, and no less collection of beer mugs. There are also many types of barrels for transporting beer. And, of course, one of the museum's pearls is prescription books on how to properly brew beer. And thirdly, for a complete immersion in the world of beer and brewing, there is a tasting room and a beer restaurant. In the tasting room, everyone will be able to taste elite varieties of Ukrainian beer and appreciate their quality. Well, in the beer restaurant "The Hops House of Robert Doms”, Which by the way is located in the former beer dungeons, everyone can enjoy the taste of great beer. If you wish, you can watch a special film that will tell you about the history of the plant and brewing in general.

A few words about the Lviv brewery now

It cannot be said that the museum does not advertise Lvivskoe beer, quite the contrary. Today, many commercials mention the existence of the museum and the historical traditions of Lviv brewing. But one thing can be said with absolute certainty, precisely thanks to the museum and the factory, Lviv is recognized as the beer capital of Ukraine.

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