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Montmartre Boulevard in rainy weather, Pissarro, 1897

Montmartre Boulevard in rainy weather, Pissarro, 1897

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Montmartre Boulevard in rainy weather - Pissarro. 1897

At the end of the 19th century, the spirit of modernity bursts into images by the impressionists of Paris, topographically accurate and reflecting the dynamics of his life. Pissarro is also fascinated by the French capital, which precisely in these years is rapidly changing its appearance. But for an artist, any plot is inextricably linked with the transmission of the subtlest shades of impressions, light-atmospheric effects. In the picture Montmartre Boulevard in rainy weather Pissarro depicts small, barely marked figures with open umbrellas, carriages leaving reddish reflections in puddles on a wet pavement ... City landscapes, unlike rural ones, are made in the technique of impressionism of the late seventies and leave an impression of mobility and lightness. But this property was not inherent in the rural landscapes of the late eighties, in many respects because of the thick massive texture.

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