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Museum of National Architecture and Life in Pirogovo, Ukraine

Museum of National Architecture and Life in Pirogovo, Ukraine

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Museum of National Architecture, located in the vicinity of the village of Pirogovo, which is located near Kiev, the people call affectionately: "Museum Pantry under the open sky." Surprising is the spaciousness and originality of the territory, which stretches over an area of ​​150 hectares, where there are more than three hundred different exhibits brought from different parts of Ukraine. An amazing feature of the museum is that it is located not in the premises or buildings, but on the street, under the open sky.

Back in 1969, the Kiev citizen Pyotr Tronko proposed the idea of ​​creating a national museum of architecture and life to show people the centuries-old era of life of Ukrainian people. And his idea was successfully embodied in reality. Over seven years of painstaking work, museum workers managed to find, deliver to the museum and restore in their original form over two hundred buildings of different historical periods of the revival of Ukraine. For convenience, they tried to complete them by region. Of course, not all buildings were preserved, partly had to be restored, some were restored from photographs or descriptions. In addition to the buildings, museum specialists filled it with ethnographic exhibits, of which about 40,000 are in the museum. Each visitor can see traditional Ukrainian costumes, fabrics, various national embroideries, quilted carpets. A lot of ceramics and wood products are presented, antique glass objects are pleasing to the eye, metal utensils look beautiful.

The most valuable and, most importantly, real, is considered to be the Ukrainian hut, whose age dates back another 1587 years. It is designed for one person. Inside the hut recreated household items of an ancient Ukrainian. She was carefully restored and transported to the museum, where she occupies the most honorable place.

The entire territory of the museum is as if divided into regions, with its own way of life and architecture. So it is more understandable to observe the history of the culture of the Ukrainian people of the three-century period of life. For 3-4 hours of excursion you will walk through the beautiful villages of Polesie, Carpathians, Poltava, Podil, visit southern Ukraine, the Naddnipryanshchyna, walk around Bukovina and Slobozhanshchina, visit ancient churches. By the way, the restored churches are still operating, where you can attend church services or attend a wedding ceremony. In churches, ancient icons give a special meaning to the perception of art.

The main distinguishing feature of the Museum of Architecture and Life of Ukraine from other museums in the world is theatrical performances and festivities, which no other world power has.

The National Museum in Pirogovo has gained immense popularity among tourists. People come here for an excursion from all over the world. Tour guides speak many languages, therefore, foreigners do not have problems getting acquainted with the history of Ukrainian culture.

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