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Literary Museum, Ukraine, Odessa - location on the map and description

Literary Museum, Ukraine, Odessa - location on the map and description

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Odessa! Judging by the time, the city is still young, it is only two hundred years old, but what kind of story is built about it. Here in the second part is worth a closer look.

there is in Odessa Literary Museum. Its history goes far back to the nineteenth century. The museum was founded in 1977, and the first visitors appeared only in 1984.

The museum was located in an old building of the nineteenth century, which is an architectural monument. Prince Dmitry Gagarin and his wife Sofya Petrovna once lived in this building. Gagarin belonged to representatives of the highest aristocratic circles of Russia. The building is a palace, the construction of which was designed by architect Ludwig Otton. The interior of the palace is a combination of Baroque and Classicism styles. But they do not interfere with each other, but harmoniously combine. At that time in the South of the Russian Empire, such architectural methods were in demand by fashion and even received their assessment of “free southern eclecticism”.

The organizers of the museum wanted to leave the historic interior of the palace in its original form, so the decoration of the expositions was carried out by the famous Ukrainian designer, laureate of the T.G.Shevchenko Prize, artist A.V. Gaydamak.

To make the expositions of documents and written signs (books, newspapers, manuscripts, magazines) more saturated and interesting for visitors, the museum organizers added personal belongings and photographs of writers, various household items of a particular time period of history. It turned out a very successful combination of literary and historical content and bright artistic solutions.

The exposition includes more than three hundred names of writers of various levels and creativity. The public is presented the works of Pushkin, Kotlyarevsky, Mitskevich, Gogol, Chekhov, Tolstoy. Nearby are the works of Bunin, Kotsyubinsky, Franco, Lesia Ukrainka, Akhmatova, Sholom Aleichem, Babel and many other prominent writers. The expositions contain the works of the authors of the "second plan", who played a significant role in the revival of national culture.

Twenty wonderful halls of the palace-museum tell the audience about the chronological literary history of Odessa, showing the atmosphere of life of a certain era and revealing the legends and secrets of the city by the Black Sea.

The museum has a magnificent ceremonial Golden Hall, where a brilliant interior, excellent acoustics, allowing you to conduct the best chamber concerts. Literary exhibitions, presentations of books by the best writers of Ukraine, various conferences and events are held here. The museum has become a cultural center and a visiting card of Odessa.

Odessa will not be Odessa if it does not have any zest. So the museum continued the long tradition of Odessa courtyards and equipped a small courtyard in the Italian style. There are thirteen sculptures here, which is why the courtyard began to be called the sculpture garden. The sculptural expositions are made in a humorous style and are dedicated to both writers and characters of novels and folklore. For example, the sculpture of Odessa citizen Mikhail Zhvanetsky or the fisherman Kostya and the fisherman Sonya looks very organic.

For 15 years, the Sculpture Garden of the Literary Museum traditionally on April 1 takes in its ranks another new sculptural composition. Such a ceremony has become a good tradition.

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