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Artist Pierre Auguste Renoir - paintings, biography

Artist Pierre Auguste Renoir - paintings, biography

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Pierre Auguste Renoir, the famous painter and sculptor, was born in 1841 in the south of France, in a poor large family. From childhood, he earned money for his family, painting porcelain dishes, and in the evenings he attended art school.

In 1862, Renoir successfully passed the exams and entered the School of Fine Arts, where he met Basil, Claude Monet, Pissarro. All of them were carried away by a new trend - impressionism, however, it was Renoir who became the first successful artist to earn fame and considerable capital, creating paintings in this manner. All his life, even seriously ill, he did not let the brush out of his hand. His work was interrupted only once, when in 1870 the artist was drafted into the army to participate in the Franco-Prussian campaign. Having returned unharmed after the defeat of the French troops, he set to work with the same zeal, creating an Anonymous Cooperative Partnership with like-minded friends and renewing both business and personal relations with his beloved model Lisa Treo.

Having gained fame as a talented impressionist, Renoir in the mid-1890s entered a new stage in his life. His longtime lover Lisa Treo gets married and leaves the artist. He gradually loses interest in impressionism, increasingly returning to the classics in his works. It was during this period that the painter meets the main love of his life - the young seamstress Alina Sharigo. Having survived several emotional partings and reunions, the couple got married in 1890, when the first son of Renoir and Alina was already 5 years old. These years of cloudless family happiness were the best period of Renoir's life.

In 1897, due to complications after a broken arm, his health deteriorated sharply. The artist suffered from rheumatism, but even being confined to a wheelchair, he continued to create new masterpieces. Henri Matisse, who regularly visited the paralyzed Renoir in his studio, once, unable to resist, asked him the advisability of such hard work, accompanied by constant pain. “The pain passes, the beauty remains,” was the answer to him. Renoir died in 1919 of pneumonia, until the last day he continued to work in his studio.

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