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"Entrance to the Sevastopol Bay", Aivazovsky - description of the painting

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The entrance to the Sevastopol Bay - Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich. 28.2 x 39.3 cm

Aivazovsky’s historical moment when the frigate Nicholas I entered the bay with the goal of the highest inspection of Sevastopol and the entire Black Sea Fleet is depicted on the painting “Entrance to the Sevastopol Bay” by Aivazovsky.

The composition is skillfully built: the sea seems to be competing with a completely clear sky, which clouds of smoke cover - the guns salute, greeting the two-masted ship with the imperial standard, leaving behind a markedly flat, standing parade, on a quiet and calm sea surface.

In the picture on the left is visible Konstantinovskaya battery, and on the right - Alexander. The morning sun barely breaks through the smokescreen raised by the front salvos of coastal and naval guns.

It seems that the picture itself is highlighted on the back side - bright white, almost lemon-colored circles diverge from the white sunspot, and the smoke takes on the color of exotic plants that seemingly specially blossomed on this day in honor of a significant event.

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