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Technical Museum, Berlin, Germany

Technical Museum, Berlin, Germany

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This museum, without exaggeration, is one of the man-made wonders of Europe. And this is not quite an ordinary museum - here the exhibits can be picked up and examined more closely, there are active copies among them.

The “calling card” of the technical museum is visible from afar - one of the legendary S-47 Douglas Skytrain aircraft was hoisted over the roof of a five-story glass building, which in 1948 supplied West Berlin blocked by Soviet troops. It was designed by architects Ulrich Volt and Helge Ptits and built in 1983 on the territory of the former railway depot of the Anhalter Güterbahnhof station, which was the basis for the museum's railway exposition. Here you can see the world's first steam locomotives, walk around wagons and locomotives, and even participate in tasting dishes served on trains from different eras.

The oldest museum exposition is dedicated to sugar. It was created back in 1904 as a museum at the Sugar Institute and tells everything about this product, from production technology to its role in folklore. At the exposition dedicated to brewing, a whole brewery of 1909 and the entire history of the development of brewing in Europe are presented. Here is a huge collection of posters and labels of this popular drink.

KINOR1958 television studio

The expositions devoted to photography, cinema and computers present unique functioning exhibits of both the first cameras and the first cinemas, the beginnings of which appeared in the Middle Ages. The richest collection of films begins with the very first, created by Edison's company - the 11-second film “The Execution of Mary of Scotland”. It also presents the very first computer in 1941, created by Konrad Zuse.

The Spectrum Science Center forms the core of the scientific part of the museum, which was conceived as a laboratory, where various experiments from various fields of physics are demonstrated at 250 exhibits. This part of the museum has its own educational program, and the Zeiss planetarium and the Archenhold observatory constantly give lectures on astronomy, on the history of its development, on modern achievements in this field, and sometimes scientific seminars with the participation of world-famous scientists.

On the whole, the number of exhibits is so great that a visit to the museum, as a rule, is not limited to one day, and for many Berliners, the technical museum was the first step into great science.

Watch the video: Wurlitzer show in Berlin Science and Technology Museum Deutsches Technikmuseum, Germany (July 2022).


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