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Sherlock Holmes Museum in England, London

Sherlock Holmes Museum in England, London

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This address is heard not only from fans of the English writer, the master of writing and the successor laid down by Edgar Allan according to the tradition of the literary detective genre, Arthur Conan-Doyle, but also from almost everyone, interactively or traveling, who get acquainted with London sights.

Undoubtedly, the most famous “child” of Sir Arthur is the slick from the book pages, like seeds, the most difficult criminal cases, the insightful Sherlock Holmes, as well as the most famous private museum in the British capital - Sherlock Holmes Detective Museum.

It is in this building, erected at the northern end of the street. According to information from the pages of Conan Doyle's books, Baker Street occupied its rooms with the most popular detective of all time with his faithful comrade Dr. Watson.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, when the works saw the light of day, and representatives of all walks of life passed on stories of a skilled detective by word of mouth, one of the most famous houses in the world did not yet exist on the city map. It was built only in 1900 with the extension of the street to the north. But, having received a serial number coinciding with what was in the book, the house, like a magnet, began to attract a huge number of letters from faithful fans of colorful Holmes, and later acquired the title of a museum of its own name.

It is located in a four-story building, erected at the beginning of the XIX century. and has, in addition to the standard museum plaque, a memorial tablet stating that detective Sherlock Holmes lived there from 1881 to 1904.

On the ground floor of this unique building there is a souvenir shop and a front room. The entire second floor covers the living room and the adjoining room of the host of the celebration - Holmes himself. On the third are the apartments of Watson and Mrs. Hudson. On the last, fourth floor, originally meeting various household needs, there are beautiful wax figures depicting the heroes of beautiful books about Sherlock Holmes, a closet and a restroom.

The detailed interior design is completely identical to the descriptions in the books, and museum visitors have a great opportunity to consider the many items described in the stories about the detective - a hat and letters on the mantelpiece, a violin and a Sherlock hat.

Visitors can familiarize themselves with household utensils, take a photo as a keepsake (free shooting is allowed here) and buy souvenirs that are somehow related to Holmes.

The museum is open to all comers from 9:30 to 18:00, and the cost of an adult admission ticket as of 2013 is eight pounds.

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