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Tattoo Museum in Amsterdam

Tattoo Museum in Amsterdam

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This peculiar museum actually appeared back in 1995, when Henk Schiffmacher - an artist, writer, traveler and, of course, a tattoo artist opened a tattoo shop. The idea to open a museum came about due to the fact that during his travels a huge amount of material has accumulated relating to this ancient art. Offers to exhibit the collection in other museums were rejected. But the museum was still open on November 5, 2011, despite a hidden rejection by the authorities, but a year later, on November 20, 2012, the museum was closed on charges of an accountant hired by Henk for financial fraud. The leased premises and its entire collection were arrested.

Donation collections began to save the collection. The Blue Bone Society, of which Henk and his wife Louise were a member, joined the case. And only in the fall of 2013, the collection was finally taken back to the store at van Woustraat 78 in Amsterdam.

Now the collection is not available for wide viewing, if only to ask Henk, considering that after the case with the accountant his motto is “Do not trust not tattooed”. And while more than 40 thousand exhibits of the future museum are waiting in the wings. The collection contains thousands of tattoo drawings of all time, various tools, paints and recipes for their manufacture, thousands of photographs. There is also a traditional Japanese tattoo, and unique plots of the old Hungarian prison, and a combination of tattoos with scarring - amazing underwear patterns in the relief. And Henk himself is also an exhibit - his whole body is covered with a tattoo of the highest quality.

Currently, the Blue Bone Society is collecting donations to create, but within the framework of this community, its own museum. Anyone who donates to create a museum worth more than 80 euros can simultaneously become a member of this society. Certificates are sent to anywhere in the world. The donation form is on the website of the company.

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