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Museum of Modern Art, Rome

Museum of Modern Art, Rome

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Rome is called the city of museums, but it is rather a museum city, because due to the abundance of historical values ​​of specialized institutions it is clearly not enough. It happened with modern art, when in 1999 it turned out that Rome was the only European capital that did not have one and had to urgently correct such a flaw.

The first 6 halls of the future museum were opened in the building of the old Peroni brewery in the Port Pia area. The museum received its name from the abbreviation "Museo dArte Contemporanea Roma" - MACRO, or Roman Museum of Modern Art. It officially opened in 2002, but in 2004 it was closed for reconstruction, during which a modern exhibition hall was attached to the building.

The second museum building in the Testaccio area, called the Former Slaughterhouse, was reconstructed in 2 stages. The first pavilion was built in 2003, the second in 2007. Now this renovated complex, built in 1888-1891, is one of the most beautiful monuments of industrial architecture and has exhibition areas of more than 10,000 m2, where more than 600 exhibits are located.

The composition of his permanent exhibitions mainly includes the works of masters, starting from the 60s of the XX century. to the present. These are artists and sculptors from the Form-1 group, such as Ettore Colla, Piero Doratio, Carla Accardi, Antonio Sanfilippo. The works of artists who once belonged to the Scuola Romana group, Mario Shifano and Tano Festa, are also presented here. The work of the world famous master Mimmo Rotell, also widely represented on the stands of this museum. The Russian audience should know this master - his exhibition was held in 2005 in Moscow.

Among the sculptural works here are presented the amazing beauty of wood and glass sculptures by the famous Italian sculptor Mario Cheroli, as well as the work of the conceptual artist and sculptor Pino Pascali, who managed to become a classic of modern art in his short 32-year life.

In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum always hosts several exhibitions at the same time, the huge size and unique spatial solution of the complex allows you to accept any exhibits and create the most favorable conditions for personal exhibitions. The museum has a conference room, a video resource center and an education center. And for those who want to just relax, there is a MACRO 138 restaurant, where the modern world-famous gastronomic school Gambero Rosso is presented.

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