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Portrait of Mussorgsky, Repin, 1881

Portrait of Mussorgsky, Repin, 1881

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Portrait M. 69 x 57 cm

Among the portraits of Repin's brush, this work occupies a special place. As you know, the master painted this portrait a few days before the death of the great composer, which gives the work a special drama and depth.

Before us is obviously a seriously ill person: unhealthy redness of the face, sparkling eyes. The author focuses the attention of the viewer on the face of the composer, as if trying to convey the secret of the genius Mussorgsky. Tousled hair, a frowned beard with a mustache, do not distract us from the main thing, from the gaze of the composer. His eyes read sadness, longing. At the same time, these are the eyes of an energetic and strong person. The hospital gown, the embroidered shirt were painted by the artist in a schematic way, they do not emphasize soreness, but are intended to serve as a frame for the main thing - the face, the head, the causing turn of which allows us to think that until the last moment of life this person struggled with his ailment.

The background in the portrait is empty, free from any details. You might think that Mussorgsky is depicted on a background of clouds. It creates a feeling of grandeur and grandeur of the depicted. He himself is like his music: special, indomitable, powerful, unique. This music sounds in his eyes. There are also unfinished works, non-embodied ideas, music that he will never compose ...

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