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After the Battle of Kulikovo, Serov

After the Battle of Kulikovo, Serov

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After the Battle of Kulikovo, Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov. 52x99

This work was not completed by the artist. Judging by the form, conceived as a mural, the picture After the Battle of Kulikovo is saturated with the atmosphere of grief and silence that came after the bloody battle.

In the foreground a warrior on a horse. He blows loudly into his horn, announcing victory, gathering the survivors. Around him is death, in all its disgusting essence. The corpses of horses, the dark figures of the monks roam in search of the half-dead.

Above all this is the army of Dmitry Donskoy, looking around the swearing field. Banners unfurled, the figure of the prince is clearly visible among the soldiers.

And from the sky a black cloud falls to the earth a flock of crows, smelling the smell of death. There is no glee, there is no feeling of a great victory, only bitter regret for those who died in the great battle, which will bring Moscow the long-awaited release from the humiliating dependence of the Golden Horde.

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