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Perfume Museum in Barcelona

Perfume Museum in Barcelona

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Externally, “Regia” is an ordinary perfume shop in Paseo de Gracia, and even local residents sometimes don’t know that in its depths, behind the windows, there is a museum that is not inferior to the best expositions of the world in this area. The museum appeared in 1961 at the store as a private collection of perfumes and everything connected with it. And it has been connected with it so much and so long ago that this sphere of human interests can be considered prehuman. Already with the appearance of the first man's ability to schedule, he immediately, along with hunting scenes, recorded something similar to the use of perfumery. At least such archaeological evidence dates back more than 7,000 years.

The museum has about 9000 exhibits: labels, advertising, photographs and the main part of the exposition (over 5000 exhibits) - bottles for various flavors. The exposition begins with the oldest bubbles from Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Roman Empire of the 1st-3rd centuries. European packaging is mainly represented, starting from the beginning of the 18th century, when perfumes began to enter into everyday life. Here are painted bottles in the form of human figures from Germany, and silver bottles in the form of roses or amphorae, and miniatures in the form of handbags on a chain from Austria and Great Britain, and prototypes of modern glass probes with excellent painting and gold trim. But you can’t smell them - perfumes are not eternal either. Only some of them have preserved recipes. Smells are available only in the modern products section.

There was a place in the museum for Soviet perfumes. On the two shelves of one of the shelves of the museum fit almost the entire, very poor, Soviet assortment, including the familiar Chypre cologne from childhood, the Stone Flower, Spring, and others. Among others, the symbol of Soviet perfumery is also represented here - "Red Moscow". However, there is also very little Spanish perfumery here - in Europe everyone does what he knows how to do best, and the undisputed leaders in this area are, of course, the French.

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