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Village holiday, Kustodiev, 1910

Village holiday, Kustodiev, 1910

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Village holiday - Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 34,2x101

Unlike other Kustodiev holidays, this one does not look wild and noisy. Most likely, before us is a village wedding or engagement.

The wide panorama includes several groups. Near the cart gathered the hosts of the celebration. Apparently, the conversation is business, organizational issues are being discussed. Nearby is a group of boys engaged in a game.

In the center, undoubtedly, the honored guests of the holiday on the bench. Among the guests of honor, the figure of the parish priest is easily guessed.

On the right is the largest group - youth. Girls in light dresses, smartly dressed guys. An accordion played, the dance began.

The whole composition is filled with bright autumn sun. Gold and copper reflect the light leaves on the trees. The atmosphere of the picture is a happy expectation of a holiday. The greenish sky continues to fields and meadows abutting the horizon. Wooden huts, pale blue, create a festive and carefree background. The fun will begin very soon.

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